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Episode 001: On Fathers

This podcast explores the theme of fatherhood, with three very different observations by writers Steven Lewis, Dan Zevin, and Malachy McCourt.

podcast-logoIn addition to featuring voices from our library of recordings, our podcasts feature a regular segment called Between The Lines – short, personal meditations from writers of all genres about any aspect of writing, or about the writing life.  Clocking in around 350 words (2-3 minutes), these audio only pieces can be recorded remotely and submitted via email; they will not require the writer to appear on camera.


Submissions for Between The Lines

iphone-audioDo you have some thoughts, observations, or even (gasp!) wisdom to share about writing?  How about not writing, and all the ways you’ve discovered to procrastinate? Maybe some sage advice a teacher or colleague gave you about the craft?  Do you have a journal entry or something you’ve already written that could be adapted for length? Please send your submission (or questions or ideas) to  As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. And here are some tips for recording quality audio with your iPhone (no need to bother with clap slating, since we’re not syncing up to video).