650’s printed anthologies are now available—themed collections of some of the finest writing performed on our stages.

From A to LGBTQ • This remarkable group of stories by straight and not-so-straight writers from around the country is riveting — personal essays that run the gamut from A to . . . LGBTQ.

What We Ate • This engaging collection of short personal narratives was initially presented by the authors on stage at the Cell Theatre in Manhattan. The powerful stories in this volume provide a savory cross section of some delicious (and not so delicious) gastronomical experiences

What We Wore • What do the things we wear say about who we are, where we’ve been, or what we spend on dry cleaning? First performed before a live audience in New York’s Hudson River Valley, This anthology stitches together a trunkload of answers from a dozen talented writers.

The First TimeYou never forget your first puppy, your first car, or your first love. The true stories Edward McCann has assembled in this collection are a cross section of indelible “firsts” from a dozen talented writers.